#1ViralVoice for Sickle Cell Awareness Campaign

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Make Your Tweet Count | #1ViralVoice For Sickle Cell Awareness

#1ViralVoice for Sickle Cell


What’s this #1ViralVoice about and how do I make my Tweet count?

#1ViralVoice is a new & social media campaign created by DistinctiveImpression MMG  (home of DIRadioCast.com) on behalf of   the Sickle Cell Thalassemia  Patients Network to integrate social advocacy into our daily lifestyle. In this new age of media consumption we have to connect, communicate and engage our ideas in ways that (1) Makes the potential supporter feel like a part of the process and (2) takes little effort to execute.

New and social media is about telling your story and revealing yourself. We wanted to appeal to peoples human interest by sharing  compelling content created by real people. Take for instance the story of  Kayla Williams http://youtu.be/u9IObRVkBrA a four year old girl who doctors refuse to treat or Marisa Hunter a women who was confined to a wheel chair after a blood transfusion gone bad http://youtu.be/CFQLeI7jlmM.  Compelling yes but this is not enough.

What #1ViralVoice does is it appeals to the common man. You no longer have to be a celebrity to make a difference. It gives the power to the end user. It allows them to share their story  and tag it (attached it ) to a purpose using the hashtag (#1ViralVioce) in the social sphere.

This year #1ViralVoice for Sickle Cell Awareness is looking to raise $100K and touch 1 million social consumers. Through TweetDonate.org we can make each tweet count at  $0.10 a  piece. But twitter is not our only social vehicle facebook likes, share and repost are a major part of the equation. We want to encourage  new media producers (Bloggers, podcaster, vloggers and photographers) to use their new & social platforms  to support the cause.  Virtual volunteers can sign up via sctpn.net for info on promotions of the day content.

Google + and the Google owned youtube will help to increase social impact by using the G+ platform  to improve search ranking. Lastly the newbie of the social sphere packs a hard punch, instagr.am allows end users to promote their support by taking a picture in the #1ViralVoice T-shirt and posting it to the Facebook owned site with twitter like capabilities.

Make it count

$0.10 for each tweet lets reach 1 million people  and help raise $100k in the process .

How to Send a Donation Using Twitter

Just tweet “$0.10 TweetDonate to @iSupportDI #1ViralVoice for Sickle Cell Awareness”. You’ll shortly receive a tweet (@your_twitter_account) that will give you a donation link for you to securely contribute.

Note our minnium request is  ten cent but you can donate as much as you want.

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