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diDocumentaries : The Evolution Of Bahamian Music explained via Island 102.9 FM radio interview w/ Keith Rolle  Nov. 11, 2012

Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012 (Music Business blogger) PJ Sands  and I woke up the Bahamas via Inspiration with Keith on Island 102.9 FM. During the show we discussed the diDocumentaries series The Evolution of Bahamian Music , touched briefly on our collective experiences  and the business of music in the Bahamas.

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The Evolution of Bahamian Music : DI Documentaries A 3 part documentation series shot primarily with mobile and wearable cameras. The documentary captures the subjects  in their elements and allows viewers to truly experience them as they exist in their craft.

Explore how international & digital influences have changed the sound of Bahamian  Music.

The project will be aired  the second week of Jan. 2013 via DIRadioCast.com as well as pitched to other music blogs for airplay.

All supporters of the project will be listed in the credits and have and opportunity to be interviewed by our network . The interviews will be aired as audio lead pieces for the project. Interviewees will  share  their reasons for supporting the making of the documentary  and have a chance to promote any project they are working on.

The main goal of the documentary is to show how social and cultural influences have changed the sound of Bahamian music. Our objective is to use this product  to help identify selling points for global consumption of Bahamian music.

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Music Business Handbook & Career Guide 7th Edition, Sherwood Publishing Partners 2001, pg 25


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