Africa Allah goes #OnLive with Software Engineer Kenan Banks

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Monday, December 16,2013 7pm EST

Kenan-Banks The Technical Side of Technology

Join us for an interactive conversation discussing the technical aspects of technology, urban exposure to indepth #STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education, diversity in the technology industry, coding, hacking and more.

Kenan Banks Bio

Kenan Banks is a software engineer living and working in NYC who specializes in complex user interfaces. He taught himself to code on a Tandy 2000 in BASIC, and has been a professional programmer since 18. He created hypnagogics.com and hacks on a collaborate media platform in his spare time.

Continuing the conversation from #NPRBlacksinTech Kenan Banks explains his work, talks about disparities in urban communities  and obstacles that hinder growth in households.

Use the hashtag #ViralMovements

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