Africa Allah Joins Former CNN Anchor Sharon Frame for a #LeadHERship Chat

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LeadHERship Chat  – Own It, Love It, Learn It , Give It

africaallahMonday, July 29, 2013 at 3:30pm EST  log on to chat live with  International Empowerment Speaker Sharon Frame former CNN Archer  as she sits down with +DIRadioCast | DistinctiveImpression MMG  General Manger #AfricaAllah   to discuss women in technology,  the softer approach.

Find out:

 How  do we navigate the evolving digital world?
What strategy can be used to be competitive?
Why is LeadHERship important?

LeadHERship! Own It! Love it! Learn it! Give it!

Women Redefining Wealth, Health and Happiness, And How You Can Too

Former CNN Anchor Sharon Frame Launches New Book to Help Care for Sick Kids!

Are you caught up in life’s “rat race” and adrift of your true purpose? Perhaps it’s time to set a better sail. Sharon Frame’s new and insightful book “LeadHERship” reveals the riveting life-stories of women who quit their empty, meaningless lives, or bucked the system to chart a new, more heart-centered course to happiness.

One woman went from homeless to being a millionaire in no time! Another gave up her corporate job to go island-hopping and then moved to Tuscany, Italy, to live her dreams on a vineyard!

Through their daring moves, heart-aches and set-backs they discovered the four anchors of living a full life: Own it! Love It! Learn It! Give it!


On Tuesday, July 30th, Frame releases her book ‘LeadHERship” on Amazon-dot-com. She is teaming up with the Lion’s Club of Texas to use the book release as a fund-raiser for that organization. The non-profit group, which provides services to disadvantaged children, will get half of all proceeds from Frame’s book sales on Tuesday.

She is discounting the book to $12 and offering buyers more than $600 in bonus prizes for supporting the cause at http://sharonframeleadhershipbook.launchrock.com

LeadHERship hinges on four anchors: Ownership, Relationship, Scholarship and Stewardship. It shows women how to claim their space on the planet and use it to serve others.

Readers learn how to set a better sail in life by taking full responsibility or ownership of their lives. They also learn how to develop healthy, non-toxic relationships, how to use continued learning and service to others as keys to personal and professional growth.

In LeadHERship, you’ll find women redefining wealth, health and happiness on their terms; with grace and authenticity. It points the way on how you can too.

This book is bound to help you “Lead Your Ship” and live with more clarity, confidence and conviction. http://sharonframeleadhershipbook.launchrock.com


About Sharon Frame:

Sharon is a Former CNN Anchor, author and Empowerment Coach. She teaches women how to “Set a better sail” in life by breaking through sabotaging blockages. Clients learn to re-frame their thinking, and retrain old habits to chart a new course in life. Women learn to set themselves up for success by applying the four anchor principles of Ms. Frame’s LeadHERship philosophy. They are: To Own. To Love. To Learn. To Give. Ms. Frame created the LeadHERship Empowerment Cruise to give guests a relaxing, vacation get-away for leisure and learning. www.LeadHERshipcruise.com

Her LeadHERship Academy offers power-packed workshops and a “Focus” Mastermind group that are fun, interactive and life-transforming. www.lead-her-ship-academy.com Ask about Ms. Frame’s popular 30-Day Focus and Follow Through Challenge! It teaches clients how to turbo-charge their way to huge success by taking small, deliberate, laser-focused steps. www.focusandfollowthrough.biz

Ms. Frame is an award-winning speaker with more than 25 years of training in personal growth and self development.


Her other book, “Wired to Win” is powerful and practical. New York Times bestselling author Brian Tracy endorsed it. It’s “The Ultimate Guide for Women Who Want to Plug In, Power Up and Push Through to Personal Greatness.”

Ms. Frame has also authored “The 67th Book of the Bible: A Step-by-Step Guide to Empower You to Develop a Deeper Relationship with God, Reflect His character and to Connect to Your Greatest Potential.”


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