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Africa Allah’s journey in entertainment began at the age of six. It started when she enrolled as a student at the Harlem School of the Arts. In the mid 80’s she fell in love with Hip-hop after hearing “The Message” by the Furious Five. Her music influences are a vast mixture of pop, hip-hop and reggae rockers. Legends like,  Funk Master Flex, DJ ClueKool DJ Red Alert and sounds like King Addies, Radigan and Black Chiney inspired her DJing style.  As a creative, she has worked in every aspect of entertainment and communication.

In 2001 Bahamian radio personality Reality, invited Africa Allah to his daily radio show to talk Hip-hop. In a matter of days that invite turned into a weekly Hip-hop show called Phat Saturdays. In 2002, the show expanded to TV with the introduction of Teen Scene. Africa was on set when the original casted host didn’t show up and to keep the show going she filled in, winning the hearts of the viewers and great TV ratings.

In 2006, she started DIRadioCast New Media Network with her best friend Tanesha Harrigan, in an effort to pursue her passion for music through podcasting. Through the network, she developed an incredible team of communication professionals that excelled in all aspects of media.

In 2010, she spoke at the Music Momentum Conference in Nassau, Bahamas on the growth and adoption of technology in entertainment. In 2011, she partnered with The Lioness Music Group out of Freeport Grand Bahama to produce Viral Movements Music Seminar. The seminars used video conferencing and other interactive tools to deliver workshops, further using Africa’s multifaceted skill set.

In 2012, Africa began working with Fresh Entertainment Bahamas as new media support. She has built their website, established & maintains their social page,  as well as the ongoing production of new media content inclusive of photos and video products. Africa has become an ambassador for Fresh Brand globally and as result, her roles have changed.

In 2015, when the Bahamas began producing its Carnival product Africa Allah found a new love. In the Summer of 2015, Africa took her love for DJing, Radio and music to a new level. However, it wasn’t until Spring 2016 that she formally announced herself as a DJ. It was a natural progression as she was often seen handling the early warm sets during events for Fresh Entertainment Bahamas, Bahamas Invasion and Bahamas Masqueraders.

In 2017, Team Soca partner and brand ambassador Giselle The Wassi One approached Africa Allah to produce her documentary “Life of Legend” which chronicled Wassi’s life over the course of a year on the road. The documentary celebrates and highlights Wassi’s influence in Soca music and the cultural development of Carnivals’ around the globe. What started out as a ten-month tour has turned into an eighteen-month journey of discovery for both women.

Journalist, web designer, video producer, new media marketer, event production coordinator, talent manager, and a plethora of other titles, fit this extraordinary woman’s persona.

This is the story of #beingAfricaAllah.

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