Caribbean Dance Queen Gia Miran

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New Media Support

  • Created a  16 week  Social Media plan to help push the release of her 1st Dance Single “Don’t Get Me Started”
  • Established social platforms and integrated them into the main website to drive traffic to one central hub for communication.
  • Offered support with website development and maintenance.

Expanded “GIA MIRAN” brand and audience through comprehensive marketing/promotion campaigns via new and social media platforms; touring and appearances to support forthcoming album and single releases, especially in the European, Canadian and American Dance markets.

Social Media Consultation

  • Offered advice on actions needed to increase marketability



Gia Miran is a formidable talent in the music industry known for her songwriting skills, petite frame and signature powerhouse vocals. She was born in The Bahamas on June 23, 1984 as Gianna Miranda Sturrup, to a black mother and white father. Seven years later when Gia’s parents gave her one of Mariah Carey’s albums for Christmas, they had no idea that they were giving her the key to unlock her musical talent. As she recalls, she began mimicking Mariah’s signature vocal stylings, unknowingly training herself to comfortably hit the high notes she’s known for. After performing nightly to a sold out crowd of stuffed animals, Gia’s parents were alerted by teachers at St. Anne’s Catholic School that their daughter had a prodigious gift for singing and songwriting at only seven years old. At that young age, it was clear to see that she was influenced by other iconic voices such as Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion.


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