If u ask he will answer

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I have never been one to wear religion on my chest. I guess, with a name like Africa Allah one can sepculate. Each day is a blessing. A gift of life  and another day to give back to the world the joy that lies within me.

Since childhood I have lived for creation and creativity. I almost lost sight of what mattered with the pressure of deadlines  and self imposed doubt. I cried myself to sleep allowing my own critical eyes to force me into feeling inadequate all the while wrestling with my strength to rise. I could not see the greatness in my self. I was afraid of failure. Maybe I am a little vain. In the sense that I want my work to live  beyond my life.
After it is all said and done I rest my life in God’s hands in a still moment of silence looking easterly. It is his will and mercy that has brought me this far in an effort to claim my forever. Be it in life or death God knows my heart because he created my path. I’m humbled by the experiences and opportunities afforded to me by excepting my destiny.
I truly enjoy what I do, every aspect of it. I have spent thirty years preparing for this moment in time. I was born a creator, inspired by life and guided by passion. I will no longer  allow doubt to take residence in my mind or burden my soul. I am perfect in my imperfections.
When I look back at it all my pain, my struggles, my doubt has made me stronger and more interesting. I met a man that made me smile because his mind was beautiful and a woman that made me cry because  her words touched my soul. I breathe because every experience is a spark of creativity. Every room is a canvas of potential. I am here  because if you ask he will answer.

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