#Podcast Passport #beingAfricaAllah Vol 1_10

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Carnival season is in full bloom worldwide and the next big Caribbean event happens in August Cropover sets the tone for the Fall Winter Soca music season Here is a taste of whats in storeThis is your passport to 2017 Cropover All you need is a pair of headphones Playlist 1 Fresh Intro2 Good Ole Days Melanin Riddim by Fadda Fox3 Welcome Home Jack Frost Riddim by King Bubba FM4 Bad Man Jack Frost Riddim by Skinny Fabulous5 Bad Man Jack Frost Riddim by Skinny Fabulous6 Advantage Of Me Jack Frost Riddim by Lil Rick7 Single Official Answer Back by Alison Hinds8 Single9 Press A Button Soca 2014 by Kerwin Du Bois10 True Colours Wizardz Riddim by Terra D Governor11 No Sober Wizards Riddim by King Bubba FM12 Lamavan Never Idle Wizards Riddim 201713 Build A Vibes by Holla Bak14 Baila Mami Parallel Riddim by Nailah Blackman15 WineUpOnUSetGoodRiddimProdbyGBM by Nutron16 DipAndRideSetGoodRiddim2016SocaGBM by Destra17 Take Over Town18 Take Over Town Remix19 My House20 Bacchanal21 Magnetic22 Freedom23 SOLD Soca On Lockdown by GBMNutron24 Hello25 Who I Am26 Oh Meh Darlin by Olatunji27 Blessing by Lil Rick28 Memory by Peter Ram29 Gas It Up Whistle amp Drum Riddim by Marzville30 Gas It Up Whistle amp Drum Riddim by Marzville31 Bang Bim32 Wood Whistle amp Drum Riddim by Scrilla33 Ray Tay Tay Remix34 Ray Tay Tay Remix35 BicycleRideSocaRemixJanuary2016 by VybzKartelFtBunjiGarlin36 Picture Perfect Remix Soca 2017 by AuRellie Feat Lyrikal37 Picture Perfect Breaking Dawn Riddim by Lyrikal38 badruleprodbystadic by fayannxmavado39 She Bad Main40 You Ma by Swappi41 Go Dung Remix 2011 by Lil Rick Feat Machel Montano42 Show Off Official Video 2016 Trinidad Soca HD by DESTRA GARCIA Lucy43 Workout44 Liquor by Hypasounds45 Born to Win Original46 Say Yeah Parallel Riddim by Preedy47 Right Here by Mistah Dale48 Doh Vex by Linky First49 Buss Ah Wine Thanos Riddim 2017 Soca HD by Swappi amp Makamillion50 Tic Tac Toe Thanos Riddim 2017 Soca HD by Revelation51 Calypso Gyal Thanos Riddim 2017 Soca HD by Pternsky52 Bruk It Off Thanos Riddim 2017 Soca HD by Mr Killa53 Bend Over Thanos Riddim 2017 Soca HD by Slaughter54 Good Oye by Bunji Garlin55 Miss Meh56 Only You by Jahmoun57 Ridiculous58 Come For Dat by Kes59 Climb60 Gal Whine61 Tip Pon Yuh Toes62 Life Of The Party by Machel Montano63 Grab Dem Wild Bounce Riddim by Ronnie Homer64 AnnLyonsfeatStonebwoyBlocktheRoadStadicxWettyBeatz by Fay65 AnnLyonsfeatStonebwoyBlocktheRoadStadicxWettyBeatz by Fay66 Greedy Soca 2014 by Devon Matthews67 Dey We Gone68 All Of It69 Gyal Yuh Bad70 For Forever71 Down In It72 Just Like That73 Work Out Ft Bunji Garlin by Stadic74 Body Doh Lie Tan Lines Riddim by GBM Nutron75 Too Hype Tan Lines Riddim by Orlando Octive76 Too Hype Tan Lines Riddim by Orlando Octive77 Remember This Wine Tan Lines Riddim by 5Star Akil78 LIGHT GO SOWN REMIX79 We Are by Lead Pipe amp Saddis80 Dip by Hypasounds81 Doh Wa Leave Titanic Riddim by Erphaan Alves82 Cant Complain 2017 Soca Titanic Riddim by General Bakes83 Melody by Teddyson John84 Endless Wuk85 No Reminder Railroad Riddim by Lyrikal86 Party Capital Railroad Riddim by Nadia Batson87 CarnivalAHolic Railroad Riddim by Kerwin Du Bois88 Celebrating Life by MX Prime89 Fresh Intro

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