Cruel Summer Wave #beingAfricaAllah Vol7_06

Every summer has a story. Evey story has a soundtrack. When you look back on your life what songs will tell your story.

So many Summers have past but this seems to be different. There is an air of change lingering.

Cruel Summer Wave, some of my favorite track from 1980’s upward.


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Playlist – Cruel Summer Wave

Fresh Intro 00:01:23
Madonna – Holiday 00:02:48
BABY TALK 00:03:12
MR. WENDOL 00:02:09
Let The Beat Hit ‘Em – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam 00:02:05
Madonna – Open Your Heart 00:02:49
PURPLE RAIN 00:03:29
DIAMONDS 00:04:00
Dancing Machine 00:02:42
Let’s Get Serious 00:02:39
SOLID 00:02:05
SOUL II SOUL 00:01:37
Sky Can You Feel Me 00:02:14
Drunk 00:02:45
Hangin’ 00:02:33
12 Around The Way Girl-LLCool J 00:02:16
Don’t Walk Away (Pop Walk) 00:02:37
Crucial 00:02:01
I Like the Way (Kissing Game) 00:02:39
Red Light Special 00:02:59
Shake You Down 00:02:16
Juicy Fruit 00:01:56
Force MD – Love Is A House 00:02:15
Nite and Day 00:02:42
08 Baby-Brandy 00:02:21
Tevin Campbell – I’m 00:02:20
No One Else (Puff Daddy Remix) 00:04:03
For the Cool in You 00:03:42
Another Sad Love Song 00:02:23
I’m Not Feeling You 00:02:16
I don’t wanna know 00:02:02
Ready or Not 00:02:51
Think About It 00:03:48
Nuthin’ But a “G” Thang 00:03:42
Get Money(orig clean)Junior M.A.F.I.A. 00:02:32
It Ain’t Hard To Tell(clean)Nas 00:02:10
All Glocks Down(clean) 00:01:35
Ain’t My Fault Rmx 00:01:16
Hail Mary(triumph rmx) 00:01:39
Triumph(clean)Wu Tang 00:02:53
Let Me Ride(clean)Dr Dre 00:02:22
I Used To Love Her 00:02:00
Jazzey Bell(clean)Outkast 00:02:41
Be Happy(clean)R.Kelly/Biggie 00:02:23
If I Ruled The World 00:02:20
19 Sweet Potato Pie-Domino 00:02:15
One more chance(rmx) 00:02:18
Keep Their Heads Ringing(clean)Dr Dre 00:02:51
Don’t Look Any Further 00:03:26
All That I Need/There For You 00:03:15
Royal(g thang rmx)Lorde 00:02:46
Ain’t Nothing But A G Thing(clean)Snoop Dogg & Dre 00:02:02
B. Please 00:03:46
Change The Game(clean)Jay-Z 00:03:56
Next Episode 00:01:51
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