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As a small business DistinctiveImpression MMG and its DIRadioCast New Media Network brand  is looking to invest more into the digital education of its peers. However, we need your help.

American Express and Facebook have teamed up to offer small businesses a Big Break.  A $25,000 cash injection and  a custom strategy training. As a new media network of course we are  going to  pass on our blessings. So help us support you. Like, share and tweet this story.


Tell us about your business. What makes you excited to come to work every day?

We are a new media network. Our business is media. The production, development and the execution of digital content. We focus primarily on urban music, technology and the execution of technology in small business. We started in September 2006 as a solution to the limited availability of outlets for mature hip-hop consumers. The ideas was to provide a place for discovery, information and growth. Our network provides a platform for the consumer, independent artists and small businesses .

How is Facebook impacting your business, and how do you envision it helping you in the future?

Facebook provides our primary brand an opportunity to touch millions of fans through two way communication. We use Facebook as a form of research to identify what people are interested in. In addition, Facebook acts as a great resource for discovery of new music and trends. In a 1-on 1 strategy session with Facebook and American Expression we’d want to know how we could leverage our social interactions to create profit and retain traffic in both directions.

How could a Big Break help your business, and how will you pay it forward to your community?

With Big Break our brand could invest in the tools needed to gain exposure in key markets. This will allow us to focus on providing quality content and creating interactive opportunities for our supporters as well as independent artists and small businesses. Through our network we will educate our consumers on best practices in technology and business. Lastly, Big Break will help us help thousands of independent artists and small business that rely on our brand for support.

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