This Life Live E1_02

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After years of living life by the rules that society dictates we want to throw it all away to explore the wonders of the world. This journey is not ours alone to make. Through the unfiltered eyes of social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook live we will share our daily exploits with our viewers in an effort to deliver a modern day reality TV feel. Additionally, on a bi-weekly base will produce a comprehensive review on the food, culture and climate of our location. As journalists, it is our goal to tell the story of us. Us in the sense of humanity. Your donation and support will go towards securing the necessary tools to deliver and stream content.

Our objective is to find a connection between cultures and share our discoveries. Join us as we travel to locations across the seven continents unearthing new sounds, foods and cultures beyond the barriers of language.

Encounter the sounds of the world through festivals, dives and juke joints. See how people of the world celebrate their heritage with various rituals and cuisines.

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